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DUE Monday, DEC 5th, 2022

Submissions Due By:

The Semi-Annual & Annual CAN2Dance Scholarship

The CAN2Dance Scholarship was established in 2014, by J & J Hip Hop Dance Company, LLC
owners Joseph & Stephanie R. Cantu.
Its purpose is to provide a more in-depth performing arts training opportunity, leadership building, and financial support to attend our company and take as many classes as desired. We want to honor exceptional students who demonstrate a genuine passion and growing skill for dance, performing arts, leadership, and have proven to overcome some of life's difficult challenges. 


CAN2Dance Scholarship Estimated Value:
$1,500.00 - $3,000.00
Annum Per Student


Scholarship Term:

6 Months - (Jan -June) or

1 Year (12 Months) (Jan - Dec)

Starts first week of January 2023



For 2023 we are OPEN TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC to apply for a 2023 CAN2Dance Scholarship.  

The scholarship winner(s) will be announced at the "The Time Machine" Showcase on Saturday, December 10th 2022!
*See flyer on our home page for details.




What The Scholarship Provides:

   -The scholarship offers the student to attend unlimited J & J Hip Hop Dance, LLC classes each week within their age and skill level. ** 
     (*Must take at least 2 classes a week). *Student must  attend at least 1 classes to assist with each week in addition to their regular class training.

  - 2 - (30min) scheduled private sessions for the term of the scholarship. 

  -  Allows the student to attend J & J Special Dance Events
      (Recitals/Showcases, Christmas Banquet free of  charge. Other events outside these events are the responsibility of the student.)

  - Personalized 2023 CAN2Dance Award.  

  - Options for a “Spotlight” performance in our 2023 J & J Hip Hop Dance Recital.

  - A featured student article in our 2023 J & J Hip Hop Dance Recital Program.

  - An exclusive “Featured Student” section on our website for the year.

  - Private luncheon for the recipient and 1 guest with J & J Hip Hop owners.

  -  Leadership growth and Dance / Performing Arts growth

 - Various Gifts: I.e. J & J String Bag, Shirt or Hoodie, and J & J Car Decal



Do You Qualify? 

- Applicant MUST BE 12yrs and older.

 - You should be an individual displaying excellent and consistent growth in the following areas in your life:

             - Strong Dance/Performing Arts technique & control (Have potential for beginner dancers)

            - Team work & genuine friendly overall character

            - Positive attitude & highly motivational personality
             -Natural leadership characteristics

            - Quick pick up on choreography
            - Great potential in personal dance / performing arts style and ability

            - Exemplify outstanding performance, appeal, and overall stage presence

            - Naturally an overall role model among your peers


- You should maintain proof of at least a “C” or 2.5 grade point average in school to retain your scholarship.



Additional Important Details: 

You must fully complete the CAN2Dance Scholarship Application by Monday, December 5th, 2022 by 12midnight. No LATE applications will be accepted. You must provide as much detail / background about why you feel the student, or yourself (18 years or older), should receive this dance scholarship opportunity.
We are interested in the overall story and not just the student’s skill level.
(Tell us about the student’s hardships, accomplishments, defeats, leadership, community impact, personal growth, fears, role model opportunities, etc.) We may also call the applicant to conduct a phone interview if we have additional questions or information is imperative to our decision.



 The CAN2Dance Scholarship is awarded based on merit (*As to the quality of being particularly good or worthy, especially so as to deserve praise or reward.), and not necessarily on financial need. We want to know about the dance student’s dreams and passions. We want to understand how the scholarship will benefit the dancer & company peers, and how their personal skill/art of dance / performing arts can impact the world in a positive and motivational way. 

 Candidates are selected by the owners (Joseph & Stephanie R. Cantu) on an objective and non-discriminatory basis, and consistent with the purpose of the CAN2Dance Scholarship Program. Criteria such as age, religion, race, ethnic group or sex/gender are not used in our selection process.

If Your Student, or Self (18yrs or older) Has Interest In The Scholarship, Please Be Sure To Fully Complete The Application Below

For additional questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

719-418-5974 or send an email to

DUE: Monday, December 5th, 2022

Dance Scholarship App
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