Company Policies & Rules




The Annual Enrollment/Registration FEE for 2021 is $30.00.
(This fee will be required upon each enrollment point if the student is unenrolled for any reason in 2021.)


Your Monthly Tuition/Account(s) will need to remain current and paid on time.

Monthly Tuition will be posted to your student online portal prior to the 1st of each month, or via digital invoice to the email address provided at enrollment, and MUST BE PAID BY THE 1st OF EACH MONTH. Payments can easily be made via your student online portal or via digital invoice by debit, credit, or by digital check. You may also select to sign up for the “Automated Billing”.  (See below “Automated Billing” for details.) If you need to pay directly in person, you will want to be sure to pay on a date prior to the due date (Postdated checks for the 1st will be accepted.), and on a day we are “in studio” so you do not incur a late fee by the 2nd of the month. In addition, all student(s) accounts must be paid and remain current in order for the student(s) to enter the class to participate. * If any student(s) account are found not paid, the student will not be able to participate in the class and will be asked to contact their parent for assistance in the matter. **In all fairness the rule of thumb here is that the class must be paid for before the student can participate.

Automated Billing Option:

You have the option to set up your account on an automated bank account debit payment or automated credit card payment. This system is 100% secured by our Jackrabit/QuickBooks Billing Program. Your payments will be processed on the 1st of each month automatically. A “Reoccurring Payment Authorization Form” must be fully completed and returned to us in order to sign up for this option. (Reoccurring Payment Authorization Form is attached.) Once you have completed the form, please hand it back into our office to process and set up your account on the automated billing system. Billing will continue on your account consecutively unless a “DROP FORM” is completed. With the automated billing, we must have at least a 3-day notice to stop billing if you plan to dissolve your membership with us. If we do not receive this notice in time, billing will continue, and a refund will not be available. 

Failure to make your payments on time (ON THE DUE DATE indicated on your Invoice) will result in a $20.00 Late Charge. You have at maximum 2 days to make your payment past the invoice due date. The LATE FEE will automatically be applied to your account (NO EXCEPTIONS) on the 2nd day at midnight after payment becomes late. IF your student’s account is NOT PAID, the student will not be able to attend their class until the BALANCE and the $20.00 LATE FEE is fully paid. TERMINATION of enrollment may also be exercised at the discretion of the Business Manager if your account continues in delinquency excessively.

Payments will need to be in the form of cash, check, money order, paid online via your student portal, paid via your digital invoice by Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. NO other forms of payment will be accepted. Checks or Money Orders must be made payable to: J & J Hip Hop Dance Company.


In the event of a check deposit being returned as unpaid, you will be liable for the class FEE plus the Deposited Item Returned FEE: $25.00. The Returned Item FEE will need to be paid to J & J Hip Hop within 7 days of the check being returned. We may also reserve the right to decline future checks from you and require a different payment method. 


Consecutive Tuition Payments:
Once you are enrolled with the company, Tuition Payments are scheduled to be paid on the 1st of each month consecutively as a member fee and not necessarily based on the number of classes within any given month. A student cannot stop attending class for an unspecified period of time and return without paying tuition consecutively or they will need to re-enroll and pay the 2018 $25.00 Enrollment/Registration Fee again. If you plan to keep your student’s spot in the class, you must pay consecutively regardless of your attendance in the class. Please review our “REFUND POLICY” for additional information.


These policies and rules can also be reference in the Student Enrollment & Information Packet durring enrollment.

2021 MONTHLY "CORE" TUITION RATES: (Due on the 1st of each month)
Mini’s (Ages 3 1/2 - 5) Monthly Tuition: ---------------------------$50.00
Children’s (Ages 6-11) Monthly Tuition: ---------------------------$60.00
Youth (Ages 12-19) Monthly Tuition: -------------------------------$60.00
*(Price is based on 1 class.)

2021 Adult Class Rates:
Registration/Enrollment ------------------------------------------------ $15.00
Adult’s Moves & Grooves 7 Class Punch Card: ------------------ $60.00
Adult Drop In Rate: ------------------------------------------------------$10.00

Family Savings:
You will receive a discount / savings for having 2 or more students actively enrolled in the company.
2- Students Enrolled = $10.00 OFF Monthly Tuition
3- Students Enrolled = $15.00 OFF Monthly Tuition
4- Students Enrolled = $20.00 OFF Monthly Tuition

Special Events/Performances/Showcase:
Per Student Recital/Showcase Fee - $40.00
Per Student / Class Costume Fee Range - $25 - $40
Other Performance Event(s) Cost Varies
Winter Showcase/Banquet Cost Varies 

Referral Program:

You will receive monthly savings on your account when you refer NEW students to us! Referred students must complete 1 regular paid month with us in order to receive a discount on your student account. You will continue to receive a monthly discount on your student’s account until the referred student is unenrolled. You can receive a referral discount for up to 3 students.

Add / Drop Form:

An “Add /Drop Form” will be needed if you choose to un-enroll from the company at any time or choose to add any classes to your current schedule of classes. We will have the “ADD / DROP Form” available online through our website to print off and complete to turn in, or you can fill out the form directly online at www.JandJHipHopDance.com. Billing will continue on your account consecutively unless a “DROP FORM” is completed.

No Credits / ONLY a “Make Up” Class Option:

As of January 1, 2016 we will NO LONGER offer “Credits” to be applied to student accounts upon any missed classes. The former “Credits” program/option is being dissolved. Our Monthly Tuition is a fee that is to be paid regardless of the student’s attendance in class as part of your membership with J & J Hip Hop Dance Company and is not necessarily based only on the number of classes attended in each month. It is the student’s/parent’s responsibility to attend classes as they are available each month. As stated above we have already accounted for weeks off for Breaks, Holidays, possible Snow Days, etc.




“Make Up” Classes:

To “Make Up” for missed classes, please schedule this with the Dance Director or Company Manager. A 24hr notice for missing a class still applies in order to be approved for any “Make Up” classes. You must use your “Make Up” class option within 30 days of your missed class or your “Make Up” class will be considered dissolved and unused.

2021 Studio Days Closed & Breaks – Please NOTE: Tuition remains the same even with shorter months.
1- Week OFF for Spring Break (March 2021)
2 - Weeks OFF after Showcase (June 2021)
1 - Week OFF for Fall Break (October 2021)
1 - Week OFF during Thanksgiving week (Nov 2021)
2-3 - Week(s) OFF at the End Of Year (Dec 2021)
3 - Snow Days a year are considered

2019 Holidays that fall on days we have classes: *Make Up Classes may be offered. See or call office for details.
New Years Day – Jan 1st
Memorial Day- May 27th
Independence Day- July 4th 
Labor Day- Sept 2nd

Warming Up

Please be ON TIME for your classes as it is important to warm up properly to avoid injury. No student(s) will be allowed into the class 20 minutes after the class has commenced, unless previous arrangements have been discussed and warm up is still done before joining the group. Students will be required to commit to the warm ups and exercises as instructed.

Student Responsibility & Class Etiquette

Dancers must attend classes, festivals, performances, recitals, competitions, as arranged and scheduled ahead of time. Dancers will need to maintain a positive attitude towards the Class Instructors and fellow students at all times.  Students should always come to class in dancewear or in attire as appropriate for hip hop dancing. The dress attire requirement is: Loose hip hop clothes (jogging suit or loose sweat pants, and a comfortable shirt). Street shoes are okay for now, unless you have hip hop shoes or black sole shoes that are comfortable to move in. The sole of the shoe should be solid and have traction, so the student does not slide too much on the floor. Soft and durable knee pads are needed for floor work and some breaking elements to protect the dancer’s knees from injury. A black or white hat, and a white bandanna may be worn to accustom the dance style and choreography. A personal (Labeled) water bottle is needed in class well for easy water access.

 *The students should always come to class groomed and clean, (i.e. Hair tied back, deodorant applied prior to practice, and so on…). 


Parent Responsibility (for students under 18)

Parents will be required to maintain and present a positive attitude toward the instructors, dance students, or fellow parents at all times. We ask that parents not shout instructions out to their child or student during our class time. If there is something we are missing in the instruction for your child, feel free to send us an email or see us after class for feedback and we will gladly re-assess what else we can do better. We are always looking to improve. If a concern arises with an instructor, dance student, or fellow parent during or after class, a respectful and constructive approach will be asked of you. If the dance student, parent, or guardian presents problems or causes any uncontrolled disruption, they will be asked to leave the premises. Thereafter, a phone conference will be required and scheduled to determine if a resolution can be made. If a constructive resolution cannot be made, J & J Hip Hop Dance Company may exercise the option to cancel your enrollment without refund. Parents are also asked to participate in fundraising, snacks, travel assistance, and hotel, or costumes cost etc… as asked or directed. Parents are also required to maintain and prep costumes for each performance for their individual student. Pick up and dropping off students is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian. Students will not be released to anyone not previously indicated on the enrollment forms. If special arrangements are needed for pick up, the parent must contact the Instructor directly to make those arrangements.

Cell Phones:

All student(s) mobile phones are to be switched off prior to the commencement of classes. Your cooperation with the Instructor’s requests and directions will help to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for all.

Sitting In to View Classes (Parents, Guests, Siblings, Friends, etc.)

J & J Hip Hop Dance Company may allow the dance student’s parents, guardians, and friends to observe classes from inside the studio or outside the studio. Any person inside the dance studio at the time of the class should be respectful of the Instructor’s time and the students learning. Any siblings or children not involved in the class should be kept close to their parents or in a seat. No wandering around the dance studio or into the dancers training dance area please. Any conversations between parents, friends or family on the sides be kept to a whisper or quiet tone to respect the Instructors training the class. You may step outside for a louder conversation if needed. We definitely encourage our dance parents to form friendships and connections with other dance parents.  If a guest of the dance student is causing a disruption to the class the guest will be asked to leave the premises. If the guest does not cooperate, the responsible dance student and the guest will be asked to leave the premises. A meeting or phone conference will need to be arranged with the parent of the student and conducted, along with a resolution to the problem, before the responsible dance student or guest can return to class.   

Lost or Stolen Property

J & J Hip Hop Dance Company does not have lockers available on location. Please secure your valuables at all times or leave them at home if a loss risk is possible. If you take a personal gym bag into the dance studio with you, leave it in a location where you can keep it in your view. Do not leave bags or clothes in the dance studio or restrooms at the end of class. Please remember to take everything with you after class. We cannot take responsibility for anything left behind. For any property left behind check with the instructor to see if anything was found.

Inclement Weather
On occasion classes may need to be canceled due to inclement weather conditions or for other unforeseen circumstances. In these instances, please check our Website, Social Feeds, Facebook Page, Twitter, Calendar, or KKTV News Television Station for updates and important announcements. If you cannot access any of the above, you can call our main office line at 719.418.5974 for any updates or announcements. J & J Hip Hop Dance will do its best to notify you ahead of time about a cancelation or closing. Text messages or emails may also be utilized as a means of communication for inclement weather closures. Be sure to provide a current email or text number on your application for these specific notices. The Monthly Tuition will not be adjusted or prorated for any weeks in which the studio may be closed, or for longer or shorter months. We have already considered closed classes for Inclement Weather, Holidays, throughout the year breaks, and considered our overall operating costs when deciding the 2018 Monthly Tuition Rate.

Injury & Safety Disclaimer

All dance classes can involve the risk of personal injury! J & J Hip Hop Dance Instruction takes all reasonable care in the conduct of its classes; it accepts no responsibility for injury or loss caused during classes or while participants are at or near the dance studio. You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically and medically fit for the class and during the class you must take care of your own personal safety at all times. Please reference to the student “Waiver of Liability & Hold Harmless Agreement” in your Student Enrollment Form for additional details.



REfund policy


Refund Policy


J & J Hip Hop Dance Company will ONLY issue a “Make Up Class” under the following circumstances:

  • If you are ill or need to leave in the case of a personal emergency.

  • *Proper Notice: Arrangements have been discussed with the Dance Director or Business Manager at least 24 hours before a scheduled class.

  • If the class was cancelled for circumstances beyond our control. *See “Inclement Weather” policy for additional details on weather cancelations.

J & J Hip Hop Dance Company will ONLY issue a REFUND under the following circumstances:

  • After the first 20 minutes of the first class after payment, you are completely dissatisfied for a discussed reason that cannot be worked out or corrected.

  • If there are reasonable circumstances to which the student can no longer attend the classes after payment.

  • If the student has injuries that will not allow further dancing.

  • You will need to allow 7-14 days for your refund to be returned.


J & J Hip Hop Dance Company will NOT allow a “Make Up Class” under the following circumstances:

  • If notice is not given at least 24 hours in advance for an absence. Applies to each missed class.

  • If you did not attend class, did not call, or provide the proper notice*to miss the class.

  • J & J Hip Hop Dance Company owners reserve the right for denying “Make Up” classes on circumstances falling out of between the above situations. 



These policies are final and non-negotiable under any circumstances.