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The HIz HOp Dance Crew

Positive and Inspirational Street Hip Hop Dance Crew


Non-Profit 501C3 Organization 

All Donations are Tax Deductable

The crew is always in need of help with outfits, travel costs, meals on the road, financial support for studio rental time and much more...



The Hiz Hop Dance Crew is a positive and inspirational dance team, currently made up of 22 extremely skilled hip hop dancers. Some of these dancers have been dancing together in the crew for over
7+ years.
All of the Hiz Hop Dancers went through extensive peer interviews, tryouts, and had to share stories about their lifes struggles and how they will use those stories to impact people, families and communites around the world. They are also required to attend Hip Hop Classes through J & J Hip Hop Dance Company regularly to continue their dance tranning and charactor building. The Hiz Hop Crew is not just made up of amazing dancers, but it is a team of highly motivational young people who inspire communities everywhere. Their routines are put together to tell life stories of struggles and how hope can be found no matter what level of defeat you have reached. There is always a way to rise above brokeness. The team puts their  own Choreography together using their skills in Hip Hop Dance, Mime Dance, Krump, Step, Break Dance, Inerpretive Hip Hop, Tutting, Animation, Tricks, Waving, Gliding, and many more styles within Hip Hop. 
The Hiz Hop Dance Crew travels with the Restoration Explosion Outreach Tours (A Non-Profit Outreach Ministry Organization) throughout the year, while also keeping up with bookings for performances at concerts, community events, fundraiser events, corporate events, sports events, special occasion events, music videos, commercial work and much more. The team trains weekly outside of their regular classes to keep up with their fresh new ideas in choreography.

For Booking or More Info:  719.418.5974 


“The Hiz Hop Dance Crew is bringing Hip Hop back to its original roots and purpose. To use your dance skills as a means to tell stories of hope and encourage unity and friendship. This crew has already touched so many hearts in countless communities, it is their purpose and passion. You can see it on them every single time. They are shinning stars for a purpose beyond measure.” 

-Joseph R. Cantu  
J & J Hip Hop  Owner & Hiz Hop Crew Directo

Our Prvious Clients / Credited Performances & Events

2007 Restoration Explosion Feat. Trip Lee
2008 Restoration Explosion Feat. Von Won

2009 F.U.S.E. Youth Unity Rally
2010 Heaven Festival - 50,000+ Attendees

2010 Community Car Show & Music Showcase

2010 Colorado Springs Dance Showcase

2010 F.U.S.E. Youth Unity Rally

2011 The Dale House Outreach - CMicah & SOCOM


2011 Shove Chapel Music and Dance Showcase

2011 Knob Hill Community Concert

2011 Back To School Bash Community Concert

2011 The Throne Room Youth Conference 

2011 Moriarty NM, Communicty Concert

2012 Colorado Dance Alliance Featured Dancers
2012 Colorado Dance Classic Featured Dancers

2012 Restoration Explosion Feat. Brinson

2012 Brighton, CO Community Outreach


2012 North Middle School Performance

2012 Denver Community, Back To School Bash
2013 Colorado Dance Alliance Featured Dancers
2013 Dave Solon Kia Hamstars 2013 Colorado Tour

2013 Sky Sox Baseball Game Entertainment
2013 Fox21 News "Friday Dance" Morning Show

2013 Dave Solon Kia Hamstars Music Video

2013 Africs's Girls Children Fundraiser 

2013 SOCO CW Commercials World Arena 

2013 Treasures Out of Darkness Youth Conference

2014 Fall In Break Out Dance Showcase
2014 Air Force Academy NBHM Fundraiser Event 

2014 NGB Event Featured Dancers - Mr. Del Concert

2014 Rap Music Recording Artist MVP Music Video

2014 Womans Pro Soccar League Halftime Show

2014 Wedding Flash Mob

2014 The Tea Corporate Fundraiser

2015 NHIC Corporate Conference 

2015 Radio Revolution Dance Showcase 

2015 Colo Sprgs Kidney Walk Foundation 

2012, 2013, 2014 - Lamar CO, Community Outreach

2011, 2013, 2014 - Esanola NM, Community Outreach

Varrious Church Events & Concerts

Varrious Commuinity Outreaches & Events
Ongoing Restoration Explosion Outreach Tours
2015 -Dance Mile
2016 - Easter City Celebration (World Arena)
2016 -Halftime Show - Harlem GlobeTrotters (SW Motor Event Center)

2016 -Preshow - Denver Nuggets vs LA Lakers (Pepsi Center)
2016 -Jumped Out The Whip Dance Showcase

Hiz Hop Crew Short Prmo Video

Booking & Info: 

(Call) 719.418.5974  /  (Text) 719.445.9208

Your message was sent successfully! A Hiz Hop Dance Crew Representative will get back with you as soon as possible. In the meantime, be sure to preview some of our Youtube Videos on our site page.

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