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Destiny McEntee


J & J Hip Hop Dance Company

2015 CAN2Dance Scholarship Recipient



"My name is Destiny and I have attended J & J Hip Hop Dance Company for a little more than a year now, but over all I have done various types of dances for 10 years. I am currently a freshman in high school. Growing up I didn't have everything handed to me on a silver spoon. The hurdles that God faced me with were very difficult in my earlier years. To this day I still have trauma and it still affects how I think and or act on a day to day basis. Throughout everything, dance has been the one thing that I could use to almost escape. Escape reality, escape worries, and to even escape myself at times. Being around this positive and supportive team has helped me grow not only in dance but as a person. Growing up I was the quiet kid who wasn't very great at school or gym activities. My goal is to inspire and to uplift anyone who is in need of it. I now know that everyone was put on this earth for a specific purpose and no one but yourself can do your purpose better than you can. Earning this scholarship I think I have finally found my purpose." - Destiny McEntee




In December of 2014, Destiny McEntee among many dance students, applied for the Annual 2015 CAN2Dance Scholarship.


After reviewing the applications thoroughly, owner's of J & J Hip Hop Dance Company, the Cantu’s, decided the scholarship would be best fit for Destiny. She has shown much courage in her life, and though she could have crumbled and fallen apart she continued to strive for hope. Destiny has already grown as an individual, dancer, and mentor to J & J Students. Her genuine smile lights up the room, and her skill for Hip Hop Dance inspires her fellow classmates. Destiny was awarded 12 months of FREE Classes at J & J Hip Hop, among other perks, and she immediately utilized the FREE classes’ privilege by attending every class possible.


Our company is honored to have Destiny, and the Hiz Hop Dance Crew is privileged to have her part of their team as well. Every community, heart, and life Destiny steps into is blessed by her and inspired by her passion for dance. She tells her stories through her dance and because of that, broken hearts have been healed, hurting people have found hope, and communities have been inspired.



Congratulations again Destiny McEntee! YOU MAKE US ALL SO PROUD!.” – Joseph C.

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